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Visitors in the 18th Dynasty left graffiti expressing their admiration for Seneferu’s monument.

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Most of the mastaba owners were identified by Mariette from inscriptions on lintels and on the symbolic entrances, but the owner of the second largest one (M 17) still remains anonymous.

Because of its proximity to the pyramid and its size, some scholars have suggested that its owner was the heir to the throne but died prematurely.

In its final form, the Meydum pyramid rose to a height of about 94.5m, and each side measured about 144m at the base.

Its angle of incline has been variously calculated as 51°52′ and 52°40′.

A male skeleton was found in the tomb, completely bandaged in gauze after each bone had been defleshed and wrapped separately.

His granite sarcophagus shows a remarkable degree of technical perfection.

Many of the large mastabas had two separate burials for a husband and wife.

Each had its own symbolic entrance on the east side of the superstructure, with the husband’s to the south and the wife’s to the north.

Meydum is the name of a modern village 75km south of Cairo on the west bank of the Nile where the valley is closest to the Fayum (29°24′ N, 31°09′ E).

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