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Why questionable, because it is common for the alcohol level to rise in bodies after death regardless of consumption.

James Bond must choose either to follow orders or take his revenge on the man that betrayed Vesper. After years of internal post use it’s plain brown cardboard folder was dog-eared, but the papers inside were pristine.

On the ensuing mission, he uncovers the names of the conspirators, responsible for one of the UK’s most enduring mysteries. Silently to himself Sir Miles read the opening summary again:- Following the death of Diana Princess of Wales in Paris, August 31 1997 many doubts have surrounded the official story of the paparazzi chasing a drunken driver at speed toward an inevitable and tragic accident.

- James Hewitt- Former lover of Diana claims he was warned on several occasions by elements of the security forces and a member of the royal family to stop seeing the Princess or his health would suffer!

Hewitt has been exposed previously as being very willing to exploit a situation for his own ends, as in the publication of a sleazy book about Diana to which he contributed.

Below are some of the questions and doubts that are raised by the investigation so far Rapid disposal of the bodies Diana had no post mortem prior to the burial in Althorp.

Victims of sudden death require a post mortem by law in the UK.

Based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond007Edge of Treason By Paul Taylor Prologue It was nine pm. The envelope containing his letter to the Prime Minister containing his notice of resignation from the service was neatly folded on the desk in front of him. b) An official operation by MI6 to assassinate Diana, sanctioned by elements of the establishment.

In the pool of light cast from the green banker’s lamp he could clearly see the small official stamp that proclaimed ‘Approved’ He reached down at the side of his leather chair and picked up his old Barbour briefcase. The Possible Motives a) Rogue elements in MI5 (National security) or MI6 (International security) decided that Diana was a threat to the throne, and therefore the stability of the state.

To keep such a plot secret would, it is believed have to be the work of a small, isolated cell working under its own auspices within the system.

Former agents have told of a plot to destabilise the then Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson in the Seventies.

All of which are capable of blinding a victim for several minutes - easily enough to cause a fatal crash.


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