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I was telling Johnny Mac, who is on the Pirates Train with yours truly, that I’m shocked how many are asking me for refunds on the fare from Summit to South Orange.--Patrick Stevens of the Washington Post had a story we repeat every year, but for the record as you follow the season the rest of the way..teams in Division I since the NCAA men’s basketball tournament’s inception have never made the field.

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New York played tough, as I took a break from that other column I write to catch the fourth quarter, the Knicks up 99-95 with a minute to play before totally imploding...Pistons emerging with the win 104-101; the Pistons 18-14, the Knicks falling to 17-15. As in his points per game, 28.4, rebounds, 8.2, and assists, 9.2, are all above his career averages, while he has never shot better, .570 from the field, and .411 from three, plus .785 from the foul line.

So as my boys geared up to host Philadelphia on Christmas Day, all New York hoops fans know the deal. And after tomorrow, the stretch we’ve been dreading all year begins...16 of 20 on the road. Pretty remarkable.--I’ve watched more NBA action early in the season than normal because of the relative success of the Knicks, and I’m not alone.

Guerrero is a somewhat controversial figure because of his unorthodox methods, and with his Brady connection (and the QB’s TB12 brand...alternative training methods and lifestyle tips) Guerrero has been granted his own office next to the locker room and has been treating a number of the players, which irked the Pats’ strength and training staff.“No one is saying we’ve reached the point where Tom Brady and the Patriots are breaking up over Coach Bill Belichick’s treatment of Alex Guerrero, Brady’s training guru.

But we are at the point where some on the team are referring to Guerrero as ‘Yoko,’ according to Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard, and whenever the name of the woman who allegedly had a hand in breaking up the Beatles is invoked, you know there’s at least some measure of disharmony on the table....“Guerrero’s presence around the team..agitated the team’s medical and training staffs, and Bedard says his presence at the team’s facility outside of his private Brady room ‘is an intentional irritant to Belichick.’ Things apparently took a turn early in the season after an unnamed Patriots starter refused to do squats as directed by the team’s strength staff after he had been told not to by Guerrero.

I-A) record of five consecutive games with 200.--One other note...

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, a consensus 1st or 2nd pick in the NFL Draft, will sit out Tuesday’s Cactus Bowl against Kansas State, team physicians not wanting Rosen to risk further damage following a concussion suffered during UCLA’s loss to Washington on Oct. Johnny Mac pointed out that Wofford’s star guard, Fletcher Mc Gee, who had 27 points in the win and is averaging 24.3 ppg on the season, is shooting .570 from the field, and a stunning .549 from three...56 of 102, so a rather hefty sample size for the junior out of Orlando.

Two days after freshman guard Jordan Walker left the program only to return the next day after apologizing to the team for the distraction, Willard suspended senior forward Ismael Sanogo indefinitely for a violation of team and school rules..academics-related, but the result of a pattern of “really bad judgements.”“I’m not a happy camper. You put time and effort into kids and you hope that you’re guiding them the right way.

When it goes off the rail a little bit, it’s like a stab in the heart. I’m not going to have a merry Christmas.”So my “Pick to Click” for the Final Four, Seton Hall, is going through a rough patch heading into Big East play.

In 2013, the teams that had the first five picks in the draft – Houston, Chicago Cubs, Colorado, Minnesota and Cleveland – all were in the playoffs last season, while the teams that were in the 2012 World Series – San Francisco and Detroit – have the top two picks in this year’s draft.

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