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Adults who wet the bed at night often have problems in the daytime as well, such as having to rush to the lavatory (urgency). Your bladder may not have developed the necessary nerve and muscle control, so the bladder muscle contracts and empties the bladder when it is only half full of urine.

If you have always suffered from bed-wetting, you may: Lack of necessary muscle and nerve control.

Men, on the other hand, see it as nothing more than what it sounds like: sex with no emotional ties, no commitment, nothing.

I have just recently told my wife she seems pretty supportov Posted by Optional on 25/09/2017 at I'm almost 17 and I wet my bed sometimes. Posted by Optional on 19/09/2017 at Not every time i wet myself but i been having this problem as a kid i can go a half a year without wetting myself and out of no where i start to wet myself.

How do i stop Posted by Chabree on 15/09/2017 at I have been wetting myself since I was a child but now I am older and I just wanted to stop Posted by Optional on 09/09/2017 at This bed wetting thing is happening to me since 2015 at leat 3 times in year and iwas thinking it's not bad and it might be stop but here iam today while am sleeping in my dream world I was dreaming I got pee so I have to pee in toilet in this I was thinking I was peeinh in the toilet it feels relief u know I feels good I keept a lot urine and when I finish I woke in morning and that time I know that I peeing on my bed it kind feels shame just someone who has experience on this I said help me out this bedweting and thank u Posted by Cheylynn on 14/08/2017 at I'm amazed that so many people struggle with the same problem I do. Seeing these stories helped take away some of that loneliness.

I also made a conscious choice that it was only purely physical with what happened between us (only twice by the way). I was, however, hoping that we could learn more about each other slowly and establish a good foundation before going to the next level. The simple fact is that men almost never fall in love this way, despite what you saw in the fictional movie (emphasis on fictional), No Strings Attached.

But I liked his company and the flowing conversations we had. The woman quoted above might not have had any illusions about the fact that the relationship was purely sexual, but I suspect she did have some illusions about just how unlikely it was that her love interest would change his perspective on the relationship. It has been my experience - both personal and vicarious - that the vast majority of women view a casual sexual relationship as a potential stepping stone towards a relationship.

Furthermore, a man will often be willing to engage in a relationship like this with a woman who is below his league, in the same way that many people will have lower standards for the quality of the house they lease, as opposed to the one they eventually buy.

Yes, of course, I know, there are occasional exceptions. Once in a while, a long-term relationship or even a marriage can grow out of something that started as friends-with-benefits.

(If this sounds familiar, it is probably because it is almost identical to the difference between the male and female perspectives on moving in together before marriage.) Any man who is mildly observant of the opposite sex will have a hunch in the back of his mind that this kind of relationship is bound to explode eventually.

But he isn't going to turn down all of the commitment-free sex he'll get in the meantime just because of some "feeling." Men don't trust feelings the way women do. If it is called "no-strings-attached" relationship, that's exactly how he treats it, no matter how much cuddling and hanging out is involved.

I grew up in an abusive home and due to anxiety and fear, potty training was never well mastered and I never achieved night control.


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