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Since the introduction of the Charter, there have been over 30 court cases involving electoral matters.

Apart from the Significant advances in election law and administration had occurred before the advent of the Charter – denial of the franchise on the basis of gender, religion, race, ethnicity and income had been removed from the law, and administrative steps had been taken to improve access to the vote for people with disabilities, people away from home on election day and members of the public service and the military serving abroad.

Yet, notwithstanding the changes to electoral law since the Second World War, disqualifications remained for judges, prisoners, expatriates and people with mental disabilities, and some people were still administratively disenfranchised.

In addition, some citizens' electoral participation had also been curtailed: civil servants in some jurisdictions, for example, were prohibited from engaging in activities that would reveal partisan preferences.

It was appointed by the federal government in 1989 to review, among other matters, the many anomalies in the electoral process identified by Charter challengers.

In 1992, the Commission's recommendations were reviewed by the Hawkes Committee, a special eight-member panel that produced additional recommendations concerning the .

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At the same time, there was mounting interest in addressing public perceptions of influence peddling, stemming from the fact that the financial activities of political parties and third-party advocates were essentially unregulated.

Yet the efforts to appease such perceptions, by adding restrictions on electoral financing to the , also fuelled numerous Charter-based court challenges, with alleged infringements of the right to freedom of expression – guaranteed under section 2 of the Charter – being the most commonly cited cause for legal recourse.

Click on the table headers to sort each column; All figures in millions, U.

Sections 2 to 5 of the Charter set out fundamental freedoms and democratic rights.

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