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Then he tries again holding the sword pointing down & impressess them all....anyone know what movie that was in?

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I saw this sometime in the mid to late 90's, I believe.

The movie opens with the lead actress, who is a teacher.

At one point the secret agent walks into a room with a lady and discovers a rare plant.

The bad guy has a cane which is actually a sword thats he fights the secret agent with.

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The bad guys secret layer floods and the secret agent walks away with the lady on top of the water in a giant rubber see through ball I'd say that one's almost certainly a Roger Moore James Bond flick. I was thinking of Diamonds are Forever which was one of the Connery bonds.

But I think he was alone in the ball – so I may be thinking of the wrong film :( I have one that's been driving me nuts for years!

Saying Alright this ones been bugging me for a very long time...

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