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He then grabbed my ass and shoved his tongue deeper inside of me and suddenly out of nowhere, something strange started happening to my body.

This strange sensation filled me that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and more pleasurable by the second until finally it reached its peak and overtook me in the most powerful way.

His ripped chest, muscular arms and strong broad back stared at me as i stood glued in the same postion.

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It was turning me on so much, that one look from my half naked body could do that to a man... 'I think it's only fair you see me in my briefs now that i've seen you in your lingere'.

Each garment he pulled off, he took slow steps towards me.

I could hear his soft moans as he gently moved his hands down my body and to my bra strap and before i was completely overcome by his power i pushed away quite breathless and confused. You havent said anything or done anything to give me an inkling that you felt this way" "Are you serious?????

" He semi yelled and took a few steps back grabbing his hair and running his hands through it.

He sat back and looked at me and my naked chest slowly rubbing my left breast with one hand, and rubbing my thighs with the other..hand slowly moved up my leg and over my wet pussy, rubbing me harder and harder, wishing that he would rip my damn g-string off me already... He then lowered his head and licked my clitoris whilst massaging my pussy and with his two hands, he stretched my pussy and stuck his tongue inside of me, ravishing my wet pussy with all his might.

He must of done this a million times because GODDAM. He continued to eat me out and finger fuck me and completely blew my mind.

On the one hand i couldn't wait for my prince charming to come around, sweep me off my feet and make sweet love to me, but on the other, i didn't want to have sex with some random guy whose name i forgot by the morning only to watch them leave in a hurry and never see them again. ) very perky, rounded and a little bit larger for the average model but it didnt get in the way of my goals.

My friends were in serious relationships and of course, having sex, but here I was, single and sexless.

He opened his mouth to say something and then closed it... Put the coat down' Hayden took a step closer with these words as i slowly put the coat back onto the bench, my thighs quivering, my nipples hardening and my pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second.


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